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Company Profile

  Zhejiang Lianda Project Management Co. Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise, founded in 1995, September, April two 0 one or two years in the area of Ningbo city was officially settled in Dongqian Lake tourism resort. Have the following qualifications: engineering supervision and engineering supervision qualification, the civil air defense (Class A), project bidding agency (Class A), (b) the project cost consulting, government procurement agency (b), project construction, engineering consulting, engineering and technical services business, Zhejiang province is the first member of construction Supervision Association, executive director unit, Zhejiang province AAA Shou contract re credit units.

  Zhejiang Lianda Project Management Co., Ltd. Through 20 years of efforts and struggle, the company has a high industry reputation, good social reputation, excellent corporate qualification platform. The company has established a well-established, rigorous and scientific management system with a well-established, well-connected, efficient and well-established management organization, and has formed a unique management system to ensure the company's vitality and vitality. After years of efforts and struggle with the company for many years been rated as outstanding supervision enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City outstanding supervision enterprises, and Lian Nianpi as "Shou contract re-credit" units; companies have many national, provincial and municipal excellent director, excellent Supervision Engineer Award.

  Company employees nearly 400 people, with senior technical staff more than 40 titles, the number of national registered supervision engineers more than 80. Zhejiang Province, "Yongjiang Cup" high-quality engineering award three; Quzhou City, "Qujiang Cup" quality project award one One hundred and five; Jiangshan City "to Jiangbei" high-quality engineering forty-eight. Longyou "Lingjiang Cup" five high - quality projects.

  Is currently working to develop the national market.

  The company since the beginning of the establishment of a service trademark registration application. At present the company's service logo has become a registered trademark of the People's Republic of China, the company's brand strategy laid a good foundation.

  The company in 2002 passed the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental management system, GB / T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and yearly verification and verification。

  The company's quality objectives are: with our excellent quality of service, so that every customer satisfaction。

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