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Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of Construction Industry
Date:2017-10-10    Source:Lianda Project Management

  The provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central People's Government, the State Council ministries and commissions, the institutions directly under:

  The construction industry is a pillar industry of the national economy. Since the reform and opening up, China's construction industry has developed rapidly, construction capacity has been continuously strengthened, the scale of the industry has been continuously expanded, and a large number of rural labor forces have been absorbed, and a large number of related industries have been promoted. Important contributions have been made to economic and social development, urban and rural construction and improvement of people's livelihood. But also to see that the construction industry is still large and not strong, the regulatory system is not perfect, the construction organization is backward, the level of architectural design to be improved, quality and safety accidents have occurred, the market more violations of law, the core competitiveness of enterprises Not strong, low skills and other skills of workers is more prominent. In order to implement the "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the Management of Urban Planning and Construction", we will further deepen the reform of the "discharge service" of the construction industry, speed up the industrial upgrading, promote the sustained and healthy development of the construction industry and provide support for the new urbanization. The State Council agrees that the following comments are made:

  First, the overall requirements

  We will thoroughly implement the spirit of the work of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China The important formulation of the spirit of the speech and the new concept of governance new ideas and new ideas, conscientiously implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council decision-making arrangements, and jointly promote the "five in one" overall layout and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, firmly establish and implement innovation, Coordination, green, open, shared development concept, adhere to promote the supply side of the structural reform as the main line, in accordance with the applicable, economic, security, green, beautiful requirements, deepen the construction industry, "discharge service" reform, improve the regulatory system, Optimize the market environment, improve the quality and safety level of the project, strengthen the team building, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry, build "China build" brand。

  Second, deepen the reform of the construction industry

  (A) to optimize the qualification qualification management. To further simplify the engineering construction enterprise qualification category and grade set, to reduce the unnecessary qualification. Select some areas to carry out pilot, the credit is good, with relevant professional and technical ability to provide full guarantee of the enterprise, in its qualification category to relax the scope of business scope of the contract, at the same time, to speed up the improvement of credit system, project guarantees and personal qualifications Supporting the system, to strengthen the ex post facto supervision. Strengthen the personal qualification management, clear registration of the rights of practitioners, obligations and responsibilities, increase the practice of accountability. Orderly development of individual practice firm, to promote the establishment of personal practice insurance system. Vigorously promote the "Internet + government services", the implementation of "one-stop" online approval, and further improve the efficiency of the administrative examination and approval of the construction sector.

  (B) improve the tender system. Speed up the revision of the "project construction project tender scope and scale standards", narrow and strictly define the scope of the project must be tender, relax the relevant scale standards to prevent the construction project bidding "one size fits all". In the private investment in housing construction projects, to explore by the construction unit to decide their own way of contracting. Will be required by the tender project construction projects into a unified public resources trading platform, follow the principles of fairness, justice, openness and integrity, standard bidding behavior. To further simplify the bidding process, as soon as possible to achieve the whole process of bidding and bidding electronic, the implementation of online evaluation of different places. In accordance with the law through a competitive negotiation or a single source to determine the supplier's government procurement project construction projects, in line with the corresponding conditions should be issued construction permits.

  Third, improve the organization of engineering construction model

  (C) to speed up the implementation of general contracting。 In principle, the general contracting mode should be adopted for the assembly structure。 Government investment projects should improve the construction management model, take the lead in the implementation of general contracting。 Accelerate the improvement of the project general contract related to the tender, construction permits, completion and acceptance system requirements。 In accordance with the principle of total contract responsibility, the implementation of the project general contractor in the project quality and safety, progress control, cost management and other aspects of responsibility。 In addition to the form of temporary valuation, including the project in the general contractor and must be subject to the tender of the project, the general contractor can directly contract the general contract contract covered by other professional business。

  (4) to cultivate the whole process of engineering consulting。 Encourage investment consulting, investigation, design, supervision, bidding agency, cost and other enterprises to take joint management, mergers and acquisitions, etc。 to develop the whole process of engineering consulting, cultivate a number of international level of the whole process of engineering consulting business。 The development of the whole process of engineering consulting services technical standards and contract templates。 Government investment projects should take the lead in the implementation of the whole process of engineering consulting, to encourage non-governmental investment projects commissioned the whole process of engineering consulting services。 In the civil construction projects, give full play to the leading role of the architect, to encourage the provision of the whole process of engineering consulting services。

  Fourth, to strengthen the project quality and safety management

  (5) strictly implement the project quality responsibility. The full implementation of the main body of the project quality responsibility, in particular, to strengthen the construction unit of the primary responsibility and investigation, design, construction unit of the main responsibility. Strict implementation of the project quality of life responsibility system, in the obvious parts of the building set up permanent signs, publicity and quality of the main responsibility and the main responsibility. In violation of the relevant provisions, resulting in project quality accidents, according to the law to allow the unit to suspend business for rectification, reduce the qualification level, revoke the qualification certificate and other administrative penalties and through the state enterprise credit information publicity system to be public, to register practitioners suspended practice, revocation qualification certificate, A certain time until the life may not enter the industry and other penalties. In case of project quality accidents caused by the loss, according to the law to pursue economic liability, the circumstances are serious to hold the relevant units and personnel legal responsibility. Participating in the construction of real estate development enterprises should be legally qualified to improve the quality of housing.

  (6) to strengthen safety management. The full implementation of safety production responsibility, to strengthen the construction site safety protection, in particular, to strengthen the deep foundation pit, high support model, lifting machinery and other dangerous part of the management of sub-projects, and bad geological areas of major projects risk Assessment or demonstration. Promote the deep integration of information technology and safe production, speed up the construction of construction safety supervision information system, through information technology to strengthen safety management. Establish a sound full coverage, multi-level, regular safety production training system to enhance the safety of employees and the nature of the parties to the main level of security.

  (7) to improve the overall level of supervision. Improve the project quality and safety laws and regulations and management system, improve the enterprise responsible, government supervision, social supervision of the project quality and safety protection system. Strengthen the supervision of the government on the quality of the project, clear the scope of supervision, the implementation of regulatory responsibility, increase the intensity of sampling, focusing on strengthening the public safety of the engineering foundation, the main structure and other parts of the acceptance and other aspects of supervision and inspection. Strengthen the construction of quality supervision team, supervision agencies to fulfill the functions required by the same level of financial budget at the same level of protection. The Government may take the purchase of services, commissioned by the conditions of the social forces to carry out engineering quality supervision and inspection. Promote the standardization of project quality and safety management, and urge the parties to improve the quality and safety control mechanism. Strengthen the supervision of the project supervision, select some areas to carry out the supervision unit to the government report quality supervision of the pilot. Strengthen the management of project quality inspection agencies, crack down on false reports and other acts. Promote the development of project quality insurance.

  Fifth, optimize the construction market environment

  (8) to establish a unified and open market. To break the barriers of regional market access, the abolition of the various regions and industries in the laws, administrative regulations and the provisions of the State Council outside the construction enterprises set up unreasonable access conditions; is strictly prohibited to set up or disguised set up approval, filing, for the construction industry Fair market environment. Improve the national construction market supervision of public service platform to speed up the realization of the national credit information sharing platform and the national enterprise credit information publicity system data exchange. The establishment of the construction market, the main blacklist system, according to the law according to a comprehensive public corporate and personal credit records, to accept social supervision.

  (9) to strengthen the contract compliance management. Guide the contracting enterprises to bank guarantee or guarantee company guarantee in the form of the construction unit to provide performance guarantee. On the use of conventional technical standards of government investment projects, in principle, the implementation of the lowest bid at the same time, effectively play the role of performance guarantees to prevent malicious low bid to ensure that the project investment does not exceed the budget. Strict investigation and subcontracting and subcontracting and other acts. Improve the bill of quantities system and the project cost information release mechanism, the formation of a unified project cost pricing rules, reasonable to determine and effectively control the project cost.

  (10) standardize the project price settlement. The auditing organ shall strengthen the audit supervision of the public works construction project mainly composed of government investment according to law, and the construction unit shall not make the unfinished audit as the reason for the settlement of the project and the arrears of the project. Not completed the completion of the settlement of the project, the relevant departments shall not apply for property registration. The unit that has long arrears in the project shall not approve the commencement of the new project. Strict implementation of the project prepayment system, in a timely manner in accordance with the contract in full amount to the contractor to pay the advance payment. Through the project to pay the guarantee and other economic and legal means to restrain the construction unit to perform, to prevent arrears.

  Sixth, improve the quality of employees

  (11) to speed up the training of construction talent. And actively cultivate both the international perspective and national self-confidence of the architect team. Accelerate the training of senior management talents who are familiar with international rules. Vigorously promote school - enterprise cooperation, training construction professionals. Strengthen the training and training of engineering site managers and construction workers. Improve the construction industry vocational skills standard system, the full implementation of the construction industry skilled workers vocational skills appraisal system. The development of a number of construction workers skills appraisal agencies, to carry out construction workers skills evaluation. Through the development of the construction site of the basic skills of workers with the standard, the release of various skill levels and types of labor cost information, etc., to guide enterprises to pay the wages of key technical skills positions tilt. Vigorously carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, cultivate high-quality construction workers, by 2020 the level of construction industry intermediate technical level above the number of construction workers reached 300 million in 2025 to 10 million.

  (12) reform of construction employment system. To promote the construction industry labor enterprise transformation, vigorously develop carpentry, electrical, masonry, steel production and other operations to the main professional enterprises. To professional enterprises for the construction of the main carrier of workers, the progressive realization of the construction workers of the company, professional management. Encourage the existing professional enterprises to do more specifically to do fine, enhance competitiveness, and promote the formation of a number of operations-based construction professional enterprises. To promote the construction industry migrant workers to skilled workers transition, efforts to stabilize and expand the construction industry migrant workers employment. The establishment of national construction workers management service information platform, to carry out construction workers real name system management, record the identity of construction workers information, training, professional skills, business records and other information, and gradually achieve full coverage.

  (13) to protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. The full implementation of the labor contract system, increase supervision, supervise the construction unit and the construction workers in accordance with the law signed a labor contract, by 2020 the basic realization of the full coverage of labor contracts. Improve the wage payment system, according to who is responsible for and who is responsible for the general contract responsibility, the implementation of corporate social responsibility to pay, according to the full monthly payment of workers wages. Will exist in arrears of wage behavior of enterprises included in the blacklist, to take restrictions on market access and other disciplinary measures, the circumstances of the serious reduction of qualification level. Establish and improve the construction industry to adapt to the social insurance insurance payment methods, and vigorously promote the construction units to participate in industrial injury insurance. Construction units should fulfill their social responsibilities, and constantly improve the working environment of construction workers, improve the level of occupational health and promote the construction workers to stabilize employment.

  Seven, to promote the modernization of the construction industry

  (14) to promote intelligent and assembled buildings。 Adhere to the standardization of design, factory production, assembly of construction, integration of decoration, information management, intelligent applications, to promote the construction of innovative ways to vigorously develop the assembly of concrete and steel structure, with the conditions to promote the development of modern wood structure , Continue to improve the assembly of buildings in the proportion of new buildings。 And strive to use 10 years or so, so that the assembly of new construction area accounted for the proportion of 30%。 In the new building and existing building renovation to promote the popularization of intelligent applications, improve the intelligent system operation and maintenance mechanism to achieve the building comfortable and safe, energy efficient。

  (15) to enhance the level of architectural design。 Architectural design should reflect the regional characteristics, national characteristics and style of the times, highlighting the use of building functions and energy saving, water saving, land, materials and environmental protection and other requirements, to provide functional, economical and reasonable, safe and reliable, technologically advanced, Design products。 Sound to adapt to the characteristics of architectural design bidding system, the implementation of the design team bidding, design, tender and other ways。 To promote fair competition at home and abroad architectural design enterprises, to cultivate an internationally competitive architectural design team。 Advocate architectural reviews to promote the integration and sublimation of architectural design concepts。

  (16) to strengthen the application of technology research and development。 Speed up the advanced construction equipment, intelligent equipment research and development, manufacturing and application, to enhance the performance of various types of construction equipment and efficiency, improve the mechanization of construction。 Limit and eliminate backward, dangerous process, to ensure the safety of production and construction。 Actively support the construction industry research work, a substantial increase in technological innovation contribution to industrial development。 (BIM) technology in the whole process of planning, surveying, design, construction and operation and maintenance, to realize the whole life cycle data sharing and information management of engineering construction projects, and to provide the basis for project plan optimization and scientific decision-making, Promote quality improvement in construction industry。

  (17) improve the project construction standards. Integration and streamlining mandatory standards, moderately improve the safety, quality, performance, health, energy and other mandatory indicators, and gradually improve the standard level. And actively cultivate community standards, to encourage the corresponding capacity of industry associations, industry alliances and other entities to jointly meet the needs of the market and innovation standards, the establishment of mandatory standards and group standards combined with the standard supply system, increase the standard effective supply. Timely carry out standard review, speed up the standard revision, improve the timeliness of the standard. Strengthen the scientific and technological research and development and standard development of information communication, the establishment of national engineering construction standards Committee for the standardization of engineering construction work to provide technical support to improve the quality and level of standards.

  Eight, to speed up construction enterprises "going out"

  (18) to strengthen the convergence of Chinese and foreign standards. Actively carry out comparative research on Chinese and foreign standards, adapt to the international standard content structure, elements of indicators and related terms, narrowing the gap between Chinese standards and foreign advanced standards. Increase the translation and promotion of Chinese standard foreign language translation, to "one way" strategy for the lead, priority in foreign investment, technology output and reconstruction projects to promote the application. Actively participate in international standards certification, exchange and other activities, to carry out bilateral cooperation in engineering and technical standards. By 2025, to achieve the national standard for engineering construction all foreign language version.

  (19) to improve the ability to foreign contract. To coordinate the construction industry "going out", give full play to China's construction enterprises in high-speed rail, highways, electricity, ports, airports, oil and gas long-distance pipeline, high-rise buildings and other construction advantages of comparative advantages, targeted, focused, organized Foreign contracted projects, to participate in "along the way" construction. Construction enterprises should intensify their research on international standards, actively adapt to international standards, strengthen the quality of foreign contracted projects, perform management, and play an active role in housing projects such as foreign aid housing. Encourage large enterprises to promote small and medium enterprises, coastal areas along the enterprise cooperation "to the sea", actively and orderly development of the international market, to avoid vicious competition. Guide foreign contracted engineering enterprises to project financing, design consulting, follow-up operation and maintenance management and other high value-added areas of orderly expansion. Promote enterprises to improve the level of localized management, with the country and region to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

  (20) to increase policy support efforts. Strengthen the construction industry "going out" between the relevant departments of communication and coordination and information sharing. To 2025, with most of the "one by one" along the country and the region signed a memorandum of cooperation in bilateral construction projects, and strive for bilateral free trade agreements into the relevant content, to promote the construction area of international qualification recognition. Comprehensive play the role of various types of financial instruments, focusing on foreign economic cooperation in support of the construction of major strategic projects. Drawing on the international access to the project financing model, in accordance with the risk control, business sustainability principles, increase the construction industry "going out" financial support.

  All localities and departments should attach great importance to deepen the construction industry reform work, improve the working mechanism, clear the division of tasks, timely study and solve the major problems in the reform and development of the construction industry, improve the relevant policies to ensure the completion of the reform tasks。 Speed up the promotion of construction law, tender and other laws, improve the relevant laws and regulations。 Give full play to the Association Chamber of Commerce is familiar with the industry, close to the advantages of enterprises, timely response to corporate demands, feedback policy implementation, play a good standard industry order, the establishment of practitioners code of conduct to promote corporate integrity management and other aspects of self-discipline。

  Office of the State Council

  February 21, 2017

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